SWAG Quick Start Guide

You will find the quick start guide for the SWAG main card game below. You can also watch the instruction video or read the more detailed instructions using the links below: 

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  • Put Swag Bag cards in a "Swag Pile".
  • Shuffle remaining cards.
  • Deal 6 cards to each player.
  • With the remaining cards create a "Draw Pile" (face down).
  • Left of dealer starts, then go clockwise.

On Your Turn

  • Swap a card OR play a Thief card.

Swapping a Card

  • Take the top card from Draw Pile.
  • Discard a card (face up) onto a "Discard Pile" next to the Draw Pile.

NOTE: Turn over the Discard Pile to create a new Draw Pile if you run out of draw cards!

Playing a Theif

  • Shout out "Puts ya hands up and gimme da money!!"
  • Place down a Thief card.
  • First player with a Cop card who shouts "Stop Thief!!" plays the Cop.

If Their's No Cops

  • Grab a Swag Bag from the Swag Pile.
  • Discard the Thief card and get a new card from Draw Pile.

Playing a Cop

  • Place down a Cop card and either a Gun, Cuffs, or Cop Car card.
  • Thief must then counter this card.
  • Nobody can play the same card twice.
  • Last player placing a valid card gets a Swag Bag from the Swag Pile.
  • Discard used cards and grab new cards from Draw Pile so you have 6 again.


  • First player with 3 Swag Bags wins.

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