SWAG Main Game Instructions

You will find the full instruction for the SWAG main card game below. You can also watch the instruction video or read the quick start instruction using the following link:

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  • Swag is a family friendly card game for 2 to 6 players.
  • Each game normally lasts around 15 minutes. 


  • 1 x Online information card
  • 1 x Quick Start card
  • 65 x Game cards as shown below:

swag card game cards by noodle poodles

The Winner

  • The first player to get 3 Bags of Swag wins the game.


Step 1: Create the "Swag Pile"

  • Grab all of the Swag Bag cards and place them in a pile between the players. This is the "Swag Pile".

Step 2: Deal 6 cards & create the "Draw Pile"

  • Shuffle the remaining cards and deal 6 to each player. 
  • Place the remaining cards face down between the players. This is the "Draw Pile". 

Step 3:  The "Discard Pile"

  • Once the game begins, create a "Discard Pile" by placing discarded cards in a face up pile next to the Draw Pile.
  • If the Draw Pile runs out during the game, then turn over the Discard Pile to create a new Draw Pile.


  • The player to the left of the dealer goes first. 
  • On your turn you can either:grab a card from the Draw Pile and discard a card (put it on the Discard Pile) OR play a Thief card.

How to Play a Thief

  • Place a Thief card down in front of you and shout out "Puts ya hands up and gimme da money!!". 
  • Wait to see if a Cop will try to stop you.

If There Are No Cops

  • Grab a Swag Bag from the Swag Pile.
  • Discard your Thief card (place it on the Discard Pile) and grab a card from the top of the Draw Pile so that you have 6 cards again. 
  • The player to your left now takes their turn.

How to Become a Cop 

  • You get a chance to become a Cop when another player uses a Thief card. 
  • You must have a Cop card and at least one playable Cop action card* (blue card) in your hand to become a Cop. 
  • The first player to call out "Stop Thief!" will be the Cop.

How to Stop a Thief 

  • If you are the first player to shout out "Stop Thief" then you must immediately place your Cop card down in front of you. 
  • Next, play a valid Cop action card* (blue card). Call out the text at the top of the action card and place it next to your Cop card.
  • The Thief must now play a Thief action card (red card) that beats your Cop action card* (if they can).
  • The Thief must call out the text at the top of their card before placing it down.
  • You and the Thief take turns playing action cards until one of you is unable to play any more cards.
  • You cannot play the same action card twice (in the same turn) and the Stinger Car Trap can only be played after a Getaway Car.
  • The last player to place an action card wins the turn and steals (or is awarded) a Swag Bag (take one from the Swag Pile).
  • You and the Thief must discard any used cards (put them on the Discard Pile) and collect replacement cards from the top of the Draw Pile. You should both now have 6 cards.
  • The player to the left of the Thief now takes their turn.

*The text at the bottom of each card tells you when it can be played.

swag card game example turn

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