Get your hands on the ultimate bundle of quirkiness and fun with the SWAG Expansion Bundle! This incredible package includes both the SWAG Main Game and the SWAG Expansion Pack, guaranteeing endless laughter and entertainment.

SWAG is not your ordinary card game. It's a hilarious competition where players strive to be the first to collect three Bags of Swag (monies). But hold on tight because this game is far from "boring" or "regular." In SWAG, you'll find yourself shouting out silly phrases from the cards and enthusiastically slapping them down on the table!

With the SWAG Expansion Pack, the excitement reaches new heights. Now you can steal Bags of Swag from your fellow players, adding a thrilling twist to the game. Brace yourself for the introduction of exciting new cards like the Guard Dog, Security Jammer, and Swag Safe, ensuring that every round is filled with surprises and strategic gameplay.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to grab the SWAG Expansion Bundle and elevate your gaming experience to a whole new level. Get ready to laugh, shout, and immerse yourself in the world of quirky fun!

About This Game

  • A fun game for family and friends who are into quirky, funny games.
  • A simple card game for kids and adults.
  • Perfect for all occasions, including a family games night, travel or hanging out with friends.
  • Beginner friendly, just a few minutes to learn.
  • On your turn either swap a card, play a Thief or become a Cat Burglar.
  • Attempt to stop a Thief if you have a Cop card.
  • Attempt to stop a Cat Burglar using the Defence cards.
  • The first player to steal or be awarded 3 Bags of Swag wins.
  • The Swag Main Game box contains 65 game cards and 2 information card.
  • The Swag Expansion Pack contains 44 game cards and 2 information cards.


Game Info
Suitable For Ages 8+ years
Family Friendy Yes
Number of Players 2 to 6
Playtime 5 to 25 minutes
Contents SWAG Main Game - 65 game cards and 2 information cards. SWAG Expansion Pack - 44 game cards and 2 information cards.
Warning Not suitable for children under 3 years

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SWAG - Expansion Bundle

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