Skullywugs Quick Start Guide

You will find the quick start guide for the Skullywugs main card game below. You can also read the more detailed instructions using the link below: 

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  • Please check out the detailed instructions if you are still uncertain of any of the rules or how to use any of the cards.
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  • Place a “Treasure Chest” in front of each player and put the other Treasure Chest cards down to make a “Treasure Pile”.
  • Shuffle the remaining cards.
  • Deal 4 cards to each player.
  • With the remaining cards create a “Draw Pile” (face down).
  • Left of dealer starts, then go clockwise.

On Your Turn

  • Either “Swap a Card” or “Play a Card”.

How to "Swap a Card"

  • Take the top card from the Draw Pile.
  • Discard a card (face up) onto a “Discard Pile” next to the Draw Pile.
  • If you run out of Draw cards, simply turn over the Discard Pile to create a new Draw Pile.

How to "Play a Card"

  • Play one red or blue card on your turn.
  • At the end of your turn, discard any used cards and grab new ones from the Draw Pile so that you have 4 cards again.

Playing a Red Card

  • Put the red “attack” card down (face up).
  • Declare which player you are attacking (they must have a ship face up in front of them).
  • Allow the other player time to use a “Ghost Ship” (if they have one).
  • If required, roll the dice to see if you sink the other player’s ship.
  • If you sink the ship, discard it and steal a Treasure Chest from the other player (if they have any.

Playing a Green Card

  • Green cards are used immediately when a player does something against you. 
  • You can’t play a green card on your turn.
  • Discard any green card after use and grab a new card from the Draw Pile.

Winning the Game

  • The first player to get 3 Treasure Chests win’s the game.

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