Skullywugs is a pirate themed game that sets you sailing the seven seas of the dining room table in search of treasure! But beware, you must keep your wits about you, because other players will also be after the gold! So, play your best pirate ship, batten down the hatches, and keep an eye out for Squiddy, because she loves drilling holes in the bottom of boats. Arrrr!!

This game encourages friendly competition as participants aim to be the first to secure three Treasure Chests. To achieve this feat, players must try to steal Treasure Chests from one another or discover new Treasure by using Treasure Maps.

Stop at nothing to get your hands on more treasure. Strategically deploy pirate ships and engage in thrilling battles using cannons and fireballs to pilfer treasure chests from fellow pirates. Alternatively, choose to use more devious strategies, such as deploying Slippery Squid and the sneaky Skullywugs!

About This Game

  • A fun game for family and friends who are into quirky, funny games.
  • Suitable for players of all ages, kids and adults alike.
  • Easy to learn and perfect for beginners of all agess.
  • Ideal for lively family game nights, fun-filled travel adventures, or quality time with friends.
  • On your turn either swap a card or play a card.
  • The first player to have 3 Treasure Chests wins.
  • The game box contains 49 game cards, 2 information card and 2 dice.
  • A typical game of Skullywugs takes approximately 5 to 15 minutes to complete.

How To Play

Skullywugs consist of several types of cards including Pirate Ships, Cannons, Ghost Ships and Slippery Squid.

Players take it in turns to either change a card or play a card.

Players must try to steal Treasure Chests from one another or find new Treasure by using Treasure Maps.

The winner is the first player to get 3 Good eggs.


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Skullywugs - Pirate Card Game

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