Penned In Quick Start Guide

You will find the quick start guide for the Penned In animal card game below. You can also read the more detailed instructions using the link below: 

More Help With This Game

  • Please check out the detailed instructions if you are still uncertain of any of the rules or how to use any of the cards.
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  • Place three empty “Sheep Pen” cards in front of each player.  (The “Sheep Pen” cards have a sheep in a pen on one side, and an empty pen on the other side.)
  • Remove any spare Sheep Pen cards and put them back in the box.
  • Shuffle the remaining cards.
  • Deal 5 cards to each player.
  • With the remaining cards create a “Draw Pile” (face down).
  • Left of dealer starts, then go clockwise.

On Your Turn

  • Either “Swap a Card” or “Play a Card”.

How to "Swap a Card"

  • Take the top card from the Draw Pile.
  • Discard a card (face up) onto a “Discard Pile” next to the Draw Pile.
  • If you run out of Draw cards, simply turn over the Discard Pile to create a new Draw Pile.

How to "Play a Card"

  • You can play one blue card on your turn (if you didn’t already swap a card).
  • Discard the blue card after you have used it by placing it face up on top of the Discard Pile.
  • Pick up a replacement card from the Draw Pile so that you have 5 cards again.

Playing a Green Card

  • Green cards are used immediately when a player does something against you. 
  • You can’t play a green card on your turn.
  • The “Carrot on a Stick” stops “Naughty Neddy” letting out any of your sheep.
  • The “Kitty Cat” stops the “One-Eyed Dog” from stealing any of your sheep.
  • Discard any green cards after use and grab a new card from the Draw Pile.

Winning the Game

  • The first player to have a sheep in every one of their pens is the winner (3 sheep).

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