PENNED IN is a silly card game where players try to herd sheep into their pens. But beware! Sneaky opponents will stop at nothing to prevent you from doing this, deploying grumpy pigs to fill your pens, one-eyed dogs to steal your sheep and even a pesky, Naughty Neddy who will try to let your sheep out!

This game encourages friendly competition as players race to be the first to secure three sheep in their pens. But beware of cunning opponents, as the ultimate winner is often the least expected! Oh, and make sure that you always know where all the cakes are in this hilarious and silly game of sheepish shenanigans!

About This Game

  • A fun game for family and friends who are into quirky, funny games.
  • A simple animal card game for kids and adults.
  • Perfect for all occasions, including a family games night, travel or hanging out with friends.
  • Beginner friendly, just a few minutes to learn.
  • Perfect for travel adventures

How To Play

  • PENNED IN consist of several types of cards including Cakey Pigs, One Eyed Dogs and Naughty Neddy.
  • Players take it in turns to either change a card or play a card.
  • The other players will try to find more sheep or steal sheep from other player.
  • The winner is the first player to manage to successfully herd 3 sheep into their pens.


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Penned In - Silly Animal Game

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