About Noodle Poodle's

about noodle poodles games

Noodle Poodle's Ltd is a small family business that was created by Mike (that’s me), Andrea, and Leah from the UK. Between us we have over 100 years’ experience of playing games. 

As a family we have always enjoyed playing games, and still regularly have games nights. We love different, quirky games and decided that we would like to create our own games. So, we did, and decided to call ourselves the “Noodle Poodle’s” after a silly name that Leah used to call my wife and I when she was younger. 

We care about the environment and think carefully about all of the materials to make our games. None of us can save the planet alone, so we encourage all our customer’s and everyone who reads this to think about the impact that you have on the environment and act in a positive way to make it better. Thank you.

Love from

The Noodle Poodle's

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